Electronic Features


A number of Vondom collections are available with internal lighting (UL & cUL rated) for the matte ice (translucent) finish only. There are multiple lighting options to choose from.

White Light LED

Furniture pieces are internally lit with white light via LED technology. A handy remote control is included to turn on and off the light and to adjust the color temperature from warm (2700k) to natural (4000k) to cold white (6500k). The units are powered only from electrical outlets using 5 meter white power cords, which are included.


Furnishings are lit internally with colors within the red, green, blue and white light spectrum (RGBW). The LED technology that is used to generate the light is managed by a remote control and the lighting units are powered from your home's electrical outlets via white power cords (5 meters). There are 9 programmed colors plus 3 temperatures of white light.

RGBW LED w/Battery

This option has the same functional capabilities and controls as the straight RGBW LED model (see above). The only difference is the power source. This version is battery powered (Lithium ion), includes a charger that can be managed by the remote control.

Bluetooth Sound System

Some of the Vondom daybed are available with a Bluetooth sound system, so you can connect with your smartphone or tablet. This 200W dual component system is Bluetooth Ready v4.0 and includes built-in speakers, an 3.5mm AUX input jack and a USB charger for portable gadgets.

Frames, Fabrics & Tabletop Materials


Synthetic Plastics

  • Polyethylene - This polymer is made from LLDPE resin (linear low-density polyethylene) and its fabrication processed is rotational molding. It's resistant to UV radiation (UV8 is equivalent to 8,000 hours of Florida sunlight) and extreme temperatures (-76°F to 176°F). It is light weight, shock resistant and available in 15 colors. It's also 100% recyclable, so it's eco-friendly.
  • Polypropylene - This 100% recyclable resin is made with glass fiber and a UV stabilizer. Its fabrication process uses injection molding to create furniture items. It's shock resistant, light weight and comes in 9 colors.
  • Polycarbonate - This resin has high tensile strength and the highest flow ability, which makes it ideal for producing thin or complex designs via an injection molding process. Like other Vondom plastics, it is 100% recyclable, light weight and shock resistant. It's available in 5 colors.
  • Polyurethane Foam - This 100% recyclable foam is used for all padding and cushions, because it has many characteristics that make it perfect for outdoor use and areas with high humidity. It does not absorb or retain moisture, but is resistant to mold, insects and rodents. It easily filters waters, which allows it to dry quickly. It's also comfortable and possesses good hygienic properties, so it does not irritate the skin or mucous membranes.


  • Aluminum (Table Bases) - This cast metal alloy is shock resistant, 100% recyclable and powder coated in 10 colors.
  • Aluminum (Profile) - This extruded metal is used for the frames of various Vondom canopies and pavilions. It's 100% recyclable, shock resistant and lacquered in either white or silver colors.



This soft leather-like fabric can be used indoors or outdoors and is the standard upholstery fabric. Made from vinyl and HiLoft polyester, it's UV resistant, fire retardant and has antibacterial treatment. It's available in 11 standard colors.


This light weight vinyl and HiLoft polyester fabric is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and is a special option for upholstered furniture. It's treated against bacteria, is fire retardant, resists UV radiation and comes in 12 colors.


This woven polyester fiber has a PVC coating that makes it a great choice for outdoor or indoor applications. It is extremely durable, quick drying and fade resistant, as well fire retardant and treated with an antibacterial agent. It's available in white, ecru, bronze, steel and black colors.


This synthetic upholstery fabric has a natural look and is machine washable. Because it is UV resistant and antibacterial treated, you can use it indoors or outdoors. It comes in 8 standard colors.


This solution dyed acrylic fabric is made from PVC coated high tenacity polyester. It has a special dirt resistant Cleangard® finish that repels water, which makes is a great choice for outdoor canopies, awnings and patio umbrellas. It's available in white, beige, bronze and steel colors.


This light weight 100% waterproof acrylic fabric is used for curtains of Vondom canopies and pavilions. It's water repellent and stain resistant and comes in either white or steel colors. It also has the eco-friendly Greenguard® seal of confidence in textiles.


Full White

This solid material is made from durable high performance resins and mineral fillers. Its pore-less surface resists stains and scratches and is only available in white. It has passed numerous tests for strength and resistance to various forms of heat and radiation, in accordance with requirements established by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS).

High Pressure Laminate - HPL

This layered material is comprised of paper and thermoset resins, which strengthen during the high temperature pressing processes. It is durable and can be used outdoors or indoors and comes in 8 colors with a black edge. A white edge is available for white colored tabletops only.


This 10mm security tempered glass is available in clear, smoked bronze, opaque white and opaque black colors. It is strong and resistant to sudden changes in temperature.