Skagerak Denmark - About Our Wood

Wood: Skagerak Denmark’s most important raw material

Wood accounts for most of the basic materials that are processed and end up as Skagerak Denmark products. For this reason, wood products receive maximum attention in our efforts to establish ongoing and lasting environmental improvements.

We use FSC-certified wood wherever possible. The reason our entire range of wooden furniture is not yet available with FSC certification is simply because FSC-certified woods that meet our strict quality requirements are not available in the market for all our products.

We work closely together with our supplier (FSC Danmark) and private consultants to continuously increase the percentage of FSC products in our overall range. This demanding process involves ongoing testing of new types of wood, new processing and treatment methods, etc.

FSC-certified products

All sets of furniture painted white will be produced using FSC eucalyptus, and we also aim to produce most of our teak furniture in FSC-certified teak.

Environmental considerations in the development process

Environmental-improvement criteria are permanent features of our new-product development process. Every new Skagerak Denmark product being developed is assessed on the basis of the following parameters:

  • The product must be made of certified wood (FSC or similar certification scheme) or of a common non-tropical wood, if prudent in consideration of the product’s quality and functionality, competitiveness and raw-material accessibility
  • Wherever possible, the selected wood must grow and be purchased as close as possible to the processing site, thus minimising the environmental impact of shipping raw materials and making it possible to link the acquisition of raw materials to their refinement in the supplier country
  • Design and construction are minutely and carefully prepared for the purpose of using the smallest ossible wood dimensions, thus maximising the utilisation of the wood and minimising waste
  • Design and construction must take account of packaging and shipment to ensure that the product takes up as little space as possible throughout the delivery process from manufacturer to storage facility and from storage facility to customer
  • Design and construction must ensure that any damaged or worn parts on the product can be replaced without having to ship the entire product for repair from the customer to the factory and back again

Environmental assessment of existing products

All products in our range are assessed at least once a year to minimise the environmental impact resulting from manufacture and shipment. The assessment criteria are as follows:

  • If a product is currently being manufactured of non-certified wood, it is assessed whether it is possible to have all or parts of the product manufactured of certified wood, in consideration of the product’s quality, functionality and competitiveness and the accessibility of the raw material.
  • If it is not feasible to have the product manufactured from a certified wood or a common European or North American wood (preferably oak), the consequences of discontinuing the product are assessed.
  • Design, construction and packaging are reviewed to minimise the wood’s dimensions and thus increase the utilisation of the raw wood and reduce the product’s volume during shipment and storage.

Wood supplier requirements

We also stipulate demands for the wood already included in our products. The requirements actually apply to all wood, regardless of whether it is FSC certified.

Skagerak Denmark solely uses wood that has been felled and traded legally via verifiable channels. Skagerak Denmark’s external suppliers are under an obligation to document compliance with the legality requirement (see also “Code of Conduct”).

Skagerak Denmark uses only top-quality wood and wood with a high content of natural core substances that are required for the wood’s service life and durability; Skagerak Denmark works together with expert designers to ensure – via an uncompromising design and development process – that our products will last, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics; in so doing, Skagerak Denmark endeavours to supply products that our customers are fond of using and looking at for many years to come. This means that our products have a very long service life which helps to reduce the environmental impact of each product.


Teak as a wood used in making garden furniture has been in the environmental and political spotlight for years. The following applies to our use of teak for garden furniture and household furnishings:

Teak garden furniture is primarily manufactured by two Indonesian partners from Indonesian plantation wood. The Indonesian plantations are very old which enables them to supply timber from trees that are old enough to have developed the core substances which are essential for teak’s unique durability and extremely long service life. We expect to be able to receive FSC-certified teak from a number of Indonesian plantations from mid 2009.

Household articles and small pieces of furniture in teak are manufactured in Indonesia and Thailand. Like the furniture wood, the wood for these Indonesian-made products originates from local plantations. The wood for Thailand-made products is residual (cut-off) wood from sawmills and furniture manufacturers. These pieces of wood are too small for furniture production and are therefore usually used as fuel unless the factories can use the wood for small products such as household articles.

Our partners buy up this residual wood from manufacturers throughout Thailand and use the wood to make products that do not require large sections of raw wood. In other words, these products are made from "waste products", which by means of scrupulous sorting and cutting to size are transformed into highly refined products.