Solid-Stripe-Tone Rugs

Solid-Stripe-Tone Rugs

A splash of color or pattern from an accent rug helps bring your decor to life

Rugs bring comfort and warmth to hardwood or tile floors, but their uses go well beyond function. The right rug can bring a room to life, acting as that perfect final touch that pulls the whole look together. Rugs serve as a focal point, which means it's vital to consider how a rug's color and pattern will affect the overall feel of the room.

Picking a Pattern

If you already have a number of statement pieces in your room, opt for a subtler rug. Single tone or simple striped rugs can add a nice nuance to a space without overpowering it or clashing with pre-existing patterns. However, if your furniture is otherwise simple, a rug can be your opportunity to infuse the room with personality. Pick a bold pattern to show your guests your sense of style.

Size and Placement

A living room rug should be large enough that your coffee table can be centered on top of it while it's beneath the front two legs of the couch. This will create a smooth, finished look. In a bedroom, your rug should be able to fit completely beneath your bed while covering a few feet of space around it, as well.