Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Highlight the individual character of each room with an attractive wall mirror

As a functional accessory to any room, a mirror is used for personal grooming purposes, but it's also a great addition as a decorative art piece. If you're in the market for an elegant and sophisticated enhancement for your home, wall mirrors might just be the perfect decor to complete your interior design.

Hanging mirrors open up the room

Undoubtedly practical, wall mirrors work just like any other piece of art, creating visual appeal to any blank wall. At the same time, mirrors have the ability to reflect their surroundings, catching light and multiplying it while expanding the space. To increase natural illumination and create the illusion of space, hang a wall mirror directly in front of a window or hang one in the foyer on top of a beautiful accent table.

Mix and match mirror shapes and sizes

Because aesthetic tastes vary from one person to the next, Decor Interiors has collected a plethora of options for you to choose from. Fans of contemporary interior design can choose among a variety of shapes and sizes with sleek and sophisticated frames, while those with an inkling for the traditional can opt for wall mirrors with intricate detailing.