Tabletop Mirrors

Tabletop Mirrors

Small and quaint, tabletop mirrors are a great decorative touch

Mirrors are an asset to any home's decor, whether they're arranged in a gallery across a wall or standing elegantly on the floor. Tabletop mirrors are no exception: They can adorn a table, mantel or windowsill for a practical yet sophisticated embellishment.

From function to style

Tabletop mirrors are the perfect addition to a vanity table, but they can also be used atop a mantel or shelf in a foyer or dining room, where they serve to reflect light and give the room a more open ambiance. This combination of functionality and style makes them a lovely piece of decor.

Make a statement

From contemporary to rustic, tabletop mirrors can complement any home decor style. Opt for mirrors with clean lines and unembellished frames for a contemporary feel, or choose ones with an antique appearance for a more homey, rustic room. Whatever style you choose, tabletop mirrors can add to the theme of your decor beautifully.