Oversized Mirrors

Oversized Mirrors

Magnificent and alluring, oversized mirrors capture your attention

It's safe to say that some rooms in the home simply need a mirror or two. In the bathroom, for instance, the looking glass is a functional piece that allows viewers to spruce themselves up for the day. In the living room, an oversized mirror can be used as a focal point that can add a sophisticated touch in an instant.

Elaborate or streamlined large mirrors make an epic statement

Oversized mirrors are great installments to any spacious room - besides their charm and visual appeal, these pieces are also practical decorations that can easily be placed on a wall. In the foyer, a leaner mirror can be placed next to an accent table to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Chevel mirrors are also functional yet elegant additions in a space like a dressing room or walk-in closet.

Best of all, oversized mirrors are adaptable to any interior design aesthetic. A giant stately mirror with ornate vines and other detailing can go perfectly in a traditional setting, while a simple piece with a wood frame can easily fit in a contemporary room. Whichever your taste, trust that Decor Interiors will have the perfect oversized mirror for your needs.