Open up a room with a stylish yet practical mirror

Certain styles are able to capture the silhouette of a window, enabling them to open up a space designated for entertaining guests while adding a unique focal point for viewers to take note of. Wall mirrors can be integrated anywhere in a space, which makes them as versatile as they are beautiful.

From tall and narrow models, which are ideal for use in dressing chambers, to ornate pieces, which can add a sense of grandeur to any entryway, the options are often endless. Oversized mirrors and chevals are also plentiful, allowing any space to be instantly transformed.

Mirror frames express your personality and add pizzazz

Frames can be found in a wide variety of materials, such as glass, resin, metal, wood and urethane. Whether it's a regal, antique Venetian mirror or a classic, whitewashed wooden one, Decor Interiors has a number of attractive styles to complement any decor and help one put his own personal touch on a room.