Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Wall sconces provide artistic whimsy to a hallway or accentuate beautiful furniture

Besides showcasing a fresh coat of paint and some artwork, a wall can be used to hang light fixtures in order to illuminate a room and create visual appeal. It's an interior design trick that's been done for centuries: In the medieval times, sconces were used to hold torches. These days, wall lamps still retain the same purpose as their predecessors.

Arteriors Wall Sconce Lighting

Wall mounted lights work throughout the home

Sconces make great bathroom light fixtures. Whether lining the perimeter of a vanity mirror with lights or illuminating a medicine cabinet, wall lighting is convenient when space is at a premium. They're perfect for shedding a little light in narrow hallways or for accenting a painting or sculpture - think of them as vanity lights for your art.

Wall light fixtures from modern minimalist to lavish Victorian styles

Light fixtures for the wall come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs from traditional sconce lights that resemble candles to more industrial wall sconces made from glass and steel. Rustic wall sconces are perfect in a shabby chic foyer or in a coastal dining room above the buffet. Decor Interiors carries high end lighting manufacturers to ensure that you can find a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to wall lights. For functional yet visually appealing pieces, sconces are additions that will fit any space and any aesthetic.

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