Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Create a beautiful ambiance with a set of pendant lights

A home in the modern age would not be complete without light fixtures. This is especially true for structures with limited windows that allow only a small amount of natural illumination. Besides their practical nature, accessories like pendants are also beautiful pieces of art that can add to the overall mood of any room.

Aidan Gray Modern Pendant Lighting

Hanging light fixtures can be used in many ways

Creating a warm and inviting space in the home is not just about the decor and furniture - having the right kind of lights can highlight architectural details in a room and can even be a focal point by themselves. Ceiling lamps in the foyer, for example, can instantly create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and homeowners alike. In the living room, pendant lamps can set the tone of the space, adding a warm glow that can complement any aesthetic.

Ceiling lighting in the home

  • Foyer lighting - Hang multiple pendant light fixtures to create a spectacular entry
  • Kitchen island lighting - String a row of 3-5 for even illumination
  • Hallway light fixtures - Light the way with multiple lamps
  • Bathroom pendant lighting - Add a few pendants at different levels for intrigue
  • Bedroom ceiling lights - Set the mood in this intimate setting with a collection of hanging pendant lights

Pendant lighting - ceiling lights to express your inner designer

These hanging lights are available in as many materials, designs and styles as you can imagine. Glass pendant lights, industrial pendant lighting and other drop light fixtures typically hang from a canopy on a chain, pipe or woven cord. The height is usually adjustable and the hanging lamps can be installed alone, in a line or even in clusters. Decor Interiors works with luxury lighting brands like Arteriors and Aidan Gray to ensure that your fixtures use the highest quality materials and have timeless designs.

Tips and tricks for making the most of hanging pendant lights