Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Unique floor lamps make a strong statement

Adding proper lighting to a room can truly revolutionize the way that the space looks. Whether it's highlighting a specific work of art or being used to illuminate the room as a whole, a light source can add to the overall atmosphere and complement any aesthetic. If you're looking for a versatile yet beautiful form of lighting, standing lamps might just do the trick.

Floor lights - the ultimate stand alone lighting fixture

Because it doesn't need a table or a desk, floor lighting can pretty much be placed anywhere in the home for added illumination. Dark empty corners can be transformed with a sleek yet sophisticated piece, while focal furniture pieces can be showcased with a lamp right next to them. If you use an LED or other bright light bulb, these tall lamps can serve as stylish reading lamps.

Contemporary Floor Lamps

Tripod floor lamps, torchiere lamps and other popular designs

There are so many types of floor lamps, that you may have a hard time choosing just one. Tripod floor lamps are easy to collapse and move, while arc floor lamps like the iconic mid-century modern Arco lamp by Achille Castiglioni allow you to extend lighting over a wide space without sacrificing style. Other cool floor lamps include vintage torchieres, which create dramatic uplighting that illuminates high ceilings and adjustable gooseneck floor lamps that you can articulate to light any space. If you look hard enough, you might even find a standing tree lamp or other organic light fixture.

Living room lighting comes in many styles

Besides their practicality, floor lamps can be great accessories in any interior design aesthetic. That's why Decor Interiors carries a variety of styles from only the best lighting manufacturers. For a traditional space, an antique finish with carved detailing and a bell-shaped shade can add to the already glamorous furnishings. Vintage floor lamps with shabby chic detailing is perfect for older homes with a little imperfect charisma. Those with more contemporary tastes, on the other hand, can opt for sleek and sophisticated torchieres or modern floor lamps in polished steel. The growing popularity of urban loft apartments and minimalist spaces has spurred interest in rustic and industrial floor lamps with brushed and oxidized metal bases and shades.

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