Dramatic and inspiring, chandeliers are the centerpieces of your lighting collection

These ceiling lights have evolved throughout the centuries, from the candle holding utilitarian pieces of the medieval times to the ostentatious and ornately detailed fixtures of the Victorian era. Whether it's to illuminate a room or to create visual interest in it, one thing's for certain: The best chandeliers are great additions to any space.

Aidan Gray Dining Room Chandelier

Ceiling light fixtures that are multi-purpose

Because the ceiling is normally the least designed aspect in any room, installing shabby chic or modern chandeliers brings about a great deal of attention and creates awareness to what's above the viewer. Additionally, this light fixture has the ability to light up the whole space, depending, of course, on its brightness, size and position. Dining room chandeliers also set the mood and can enhance one's appetite (presuming the meal is good, of course).

Spectacular chandelier lighting designs in many styles and materials

Here at Decor Interiors, we feel that these fixture lights are not only functional light sources but also pieces of art that can set the tone of the entire room, becoming a focal point that can completely elevate the look of the room. From modern chandeliers composed of durable steel and glass to magnificent traditional crystal chandeliers or rustic chandeliers with weathered finishes, you're sure to find a piece that will be the perfect addition to your space. If your home has a laid back feel with hardwood floors and neutral tones, your dining room lighting might be enhanced by a French country farmhouse chandelier. Dining room light fixtures say so much about your sense of style and understanding of interior design. Rugged warehouse loft style spaces look great with industrial chandeliers and their distressed metallic finishes. If your tastes run to the more gothic look, why not try an ornate black chandelier?

Traditional chandelier parts - who knew there were so many?

  • Canopy - Also known as a collar, this attaches to the ceiling and houses the connection to the electrical system
  • Chain - This allows the fixture to hang and can usually be lengthened or shortened
  • Body dish or bowl - There may be multiple instances of these bulbous decorative sections
  • Break - This supportive piece separates the more aesthetic sections and provide stability
  • Column - Also referred to as a spindle, this segment gives the chandelier its height
  • Ball - This spherical part is largely a decoration, but it can also provide additional stabilizing weight
  • Neck - This pieces acts as the central hub for the chandelier arms
  • Finial - This accent typically adorns the lowest point of the ceiling light
  • Scrolls - These flourishes often attach at one of the body segments
  • Arms - These appendages branch out from the neck and hold the actual lights
  • Candle cups - Each socket cover is secured by one of these stabilizers
  • Bobeches - Each candle cup connected to an arm by one of these saucer-like pieces
  • Pendalogues - These dangling accents hang from decorative chains that drape from upper sections down to the arms
  • Drops - Similar to pendalogues, these ornamental baubles dangle from heavier sections of these ceiling fixture lamps

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