Pedestals & Stands

Pedestals & Stands

Show off your collectibles, sculptures and plants with decorative stands

All of your tables provide a necessary function, but there are some that are more decorative than others. Perhaps the most ornamental? Pedestals and stands. Pedestals bring to mind an era that's long since passed. No matter where they are in your home, pedestals and stands accent your decor in a classic and interesting way.

Elevating your home

When you idolize something, you put it on a pedestal, so it makes sense that these types of tables would bring to mind elegance, sophistication and polish. Often vintage or shabby chic, pedestals and stands beautifully accent rooms with classic decor and antique furniture.

Functional pedestals and stands

Pedestals and stands are lovely purely as decoration, or they can be used to display pieces of art. A multi-tiered stand is both useful for organizing your belongings and interesting to look at, while a vintage pedestal can draw the eye and hold a unique statue or beloved family photo.