Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables

Sometimes the occasion calls for a specific type of table

Small tables provide the perfect accent to your decor, whether they're beside your bed or bookending your sofa. There's no table that's quite as interesting and versatile as the occasional table. These tables, as name suggests, are unique in both function and style - they're lightweight, which allows them to be used whenever and wherever you need an elegant surface in your home.

Choose your occasional accent

Occasional tables aren't focal points in any room, but they are intriguing and decorative. In fact, because they're so often used to accent a space, these tables are your opportunity to choose something unique yet complementary to your overall decor.

Create a new space

Occasional tables can be anything you want them to be - an extra surface to serve food or gather around for entertaining. A side table in your guest room. The best part? They're easily rearranged, allowing you to create a new space in your home, whenever you're ready for a stylish change.