Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

Save space without sacrificing style with nesting tables

When you're choosing furniture for your home, you must keep both function and form in mind. In other words, every piece should be as stylish as it is practical - this is especially true for your tables. They are versatile and attractive, which makes them the perfect addition to almost any room in your home.

An array of options

Whether you're looking for tables to place beside your bed or arrange as a stylish coffee table, these pieces of furniture are amazingly adaptable. Both elegant and trendy, nesting tables are also lightweight, and easy to move around for entertaining or switching up your decor. Vintage nesting tables beautifully complement an antique guest room or living room, while more modern versions draw attention in mid-century and industrial rooms.

A timeless addition

When you decorate your home with nesting tables, you're taking part in a centuries-old design tradition. Nesting tables have been popular for hundreds of years, most noticeably with Bauhaus designers in the early 1900s. The tables provide a unique aesthetic, with different sizes that keep the eye moving. The tables are elegant and classic, adding flair to any room in your home.