Chests & Dressers

Chests & Dressers

Bedroom storage brings to mind one piece of furniture in particular: the dresser. Chests and dressers are the perfect answer when you need extra clothing storage - or if your bedroom decor could use some added panache.

The extra space you need

Dressers and chests vary in size, which means no matter how much storage space you need, they're the perfect solution. Small dressers with two or three drawers offer extra space for clothing and other items, and can be placed next to the bed or tucked in a corner. Larger dressers make a bold statement, drawing attention and providing ample storage space for your home.

Dresser to impress

Dressers are an impressive piece of your bedroom set. A rustic vintage chest gives the room a romantic and comfortable ambiance, while storage inside an industrial steamer chest offers a more whimsical aesthetic.