Bars are one of the most versatile storage options, with racks, drawers and shelves perfect for organizing and displaying everything from martini glasses and snifters to board games and snacks. Whatever you use yours for, bars are the ultimate combination of personal style and functionality.

The art of entertaining

Bar carts are most often found in dining rooms or kitchens, which are the two rooms in any house where people congregate the most. They can be tucked into a corner to display liquor, wine, glassware or accessories or wheeled into the middle of a room to better serve mingling friends and family members. Either way, they make entertaining fun, easy and stylish.

Style and character

If there's one piece of furniture in your home that should be full of character, it's a bar. From vintage trunks to glossy transitional cabinets, bars should exude your personal style and whimsy, while complementing the rest of your decor.