The ultimate in portable casual seating, stools are great for entertaining

Stools are the perfect seating solution for counters, bars or islands in your kitchen or dining area. Not only do they provide a place for your guests to sit, but they also give a room a relaxed feel and bring an instant atmosphere of comfort to a gathering.

From statement to subtle

Whether you're looking for ones that can be tucked quietly away when they're not in use or eye-catching accent pieces, Decor Interiors carries something for you. Select backless stools if you'd like something that's easy to slide beneath a bar or counter to save space. Wide-backed or intricately designed versions will establish your style and start a conversation.

Stools for your space

The height and number will depend on where you're putting them. Generally speaking, the seat should rest between 7 and 10 inches below the surface of the counter or bar. You'll also need to consider the space between stools: Allow for 20-25 inches of room between each seat.