EcoSmart Fire e-NRG Bio-Ethanol Fuel

e-NRG Bio-Ethanol Fuel can be used with any of the EcoSmart Fire fireplaces. Bottles now include a flame arrester for additional fueling safety and labels contain additional safety messages and instructions.

No smoke, no mess - Ventless fireplaces

Smokeless & Low OdorToday's modern ventless fireplaces offer a truly beautiful dancing flame, as well as almost limitless design possibilities - but their real beauty lies in the ease and simplicity of the fuel source.

Bio ethanol, requires no vent or chimney, is easy to use and burns clean, without soot, smoke or unpleasant smells. In fact, the only by-products of combustion are heat, steam, minimal amounts of CO2 (like the air exhaled by people)...and nothing else. Consequently, bio ethanol fireplaces are great for use indoors or outside.

Natural, renewable & green.

e-nrg bio ethanol is a renewable energy source. It is an absolute alcohol, produced by the fermentation of sugars originating from plant and forestry products to produce a neutral ecological balance (greenhouse compliant).

Denatured for your safety

Safety ProceduresTo prevent the accidental ingestion of denatured bio ethanol by people or animals, the pure alcohol is "denatured" during the manufacturing process. This generally involves the addition of a bittering agent or taste deterrent which renders the fuel unpalatable.

Safe to store and handle

Bio ethanol is a flammable liquid and care must be used in handling and storage. We recommend you store e-nrg in original containers ensuring the cap is tightly sealed. Store in a cool dry place away from open flames and somewhere not accessible by small children or animals.

Always follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your ethanol fireplace. EcoSmart Fire biofuel fireplaces are easy to refill with a Jerry can and nozzle. They also come with a safe lighting rod.

Formulated for peak efficiency

Shipping Processe-nrg bio ethanol is a high quality fuel, specifically formulated for use in ethanol fueled ventless fireplaces, it is also the only bio ethanol recommended for use in the EcoSmart Fire range of products.

Standard shipping procedures

Once you have received confirmation that your order has been shipped please allow 3 - 8 working days for transportation of your bioethanol order.

Hazardous flammable materials (HAZMAT) require special handling, so please remember that your delivery will take just a little longer than normal deliveries.

In accordance with regulations, all deliveries must be via ground only (air transport is not permitted). Delivery will be through either FedEx or DHL.



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