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  • FastShip Vela Canopy - Round

    Vela Canopy - Round from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Canopy

    Vela Canopy from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Daybed - 4 Reclining Backrests - White

    Vela Daybed - 4 Reclining Backrests from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Daybed - Round - Reclining - White

    Vela Daybed - Round - Reclining from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Daybed - Round - White

    Vela Daybed - Round from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Daybed - White

    Vela Daybed from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Lounge Chair - White

    Vela Lounge Chair from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Ottoman - Round - White

    Vela Ottoman - Round from Vondom

  • FastShip Vela Ottoman - White

    Vela Ottoman from Vondom

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Simple Beauty

The hallmark quality of the Vela collection is its appreciation for the subtle grace of simplicity. Refined elegance, without superfluous ornamentation, is imbued upon this luxury outdoor lounge set through clean lines of geometry, symmetry and proportion. The collection's signature tapered base creates the illusion that each piece is floating on a bed of air - adding to the mystique of this minimalist modern furniture.

Vondom Vela -
Upscale Modular Outdoor Furniture

Winning Combination

Many of the exquisite pieces of the Vela collection are modular and can be combined in a myriad of configurations to accommodate any upscale residential or commercial setting. Create elaborate sectionals, over-sized deep-seated sofas, sensuous chaise lounges and change them whenever your mood does. But the possibilities do not end there, as Vondom has elegant shade structures to provide even more comfort under the sun. Add a luxurious Vela daybed to one of the posh canopies to form a private oasis in which to relax or spend a quiet moment with someone special.

Vondom Vela - Luxury Outdoor Furniture with Internal Lighting

When the Lights Go Down in the City

Just because the sun goes down, it doesn't mean that Vela has to go to sleep. Vondom offers a number of internal lighting options for the translucent version of the contemporary Vela line, so you can light up the night with an array of color - which one is up to you. Adjusting the LED system is right at your fingertips through a multifunctional remote control that lets you mingle with guests and make changes on the fly.

Designer: Ramon Esteve

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