Classic Simplicity

Kerteminde is in many ways the typical, small Danish town. Located by the sea, windy, unindulgent and uneventful. In fact, the tiny island of Romso, just a nautical mile from the shore, is marketed as a place where nothing ever happens. "No beach, no coffee, no service."

Skargaarden Kerteminde Square Dining Table and Chairs

Functional design, but built to last

The Kerteminde Chair captures the qualities of the town fairly well. There's nothing spectacular or boastful about it. But then again, it's really great to sit on, since there's a springiness in the backrest. And after all, that's not entirely unimportant for a chair.

We also believe it's minimalistic enough to be essential. Although slender and neat, it’s robust and sturdy enough to beat the elements. And there are quite a few elements to beat on the Danish coast.

Versatile outdoor furniture

All in all it's the perfect chair for cafes and restaurants. It also fits perfectly for those of you who occasionally treat your garden or balcony like a cafe for reading books, hanging out with friends, having a nightcap or perhaps breakfast.

Forest green steel and simplistic teak slats. Weighty enough to stand firmly, with a very casual attitude. "Never mind me," it says. "Sit down if you want to, but no stress. I’m fine just standing here looking sharp."