Contoured dual purpose furniture

The Turn collection is characterized by its simplicity in form. Round edges, an open format and a compact design give it a modern minimalist feel. The simple yet sturdy frame and top enable both the bench and stool to double as tables. This makes Turn a convenient range to have when you have an eclectic lifestyle or just want some interior design flexibility. The tabletops are large enough to set a book, tray, potted plants or other small home accents. Use the bench as a narrow coffee table in a pinch or diminutive console in the foyer.

Natural wooden furnishings to liven your home

Crafted from untreated ash wood, the frames of the bench, stool and mirror are gently bent to create a pleasing flowing lines that accentuate the natural woodgrain. The light coloration and grainy appearance of the wood is a hallmark of Nordic furniture (e.g. IKEA) that helps create a cheerful pleasant atmosphere. Ash is similar to Red Oak in its strength, shock resistance and appearance, and holds its finish well, so these pieces should wear very well.

Designer: Line Depping