Nautically inspired outdoor dining furniture

This contemporary set of dining chairs and tables draws inspiration from the streamlined ships that sail the seven seas. The sleek modern designs blend innovative materials with clean lines and an elegant international flair. Ocean is designed to withstand the rigors of constant exposure to the elements, but it does so with a style and grace that can be at home inside as well.

Sleek stainless steel and teak patio tables

The tubular frames of the tables and chairs are fashioned from ultra strong stainless steel, which undergoes a special finishing process that leaves the surface highly resistant to typical corrosion and rust. It also results in an attractive silky metallic matte finish that has tactile appeal. The straight legs of the dining tables angle outward and support two long cross pipes, on which the trim angular tabletops rest.

There are two tabletop options in the Ocean range: teak and fibre concrete. The hardwood top is comprised of tightly fitted slats and the woodgrain of the teak is initially a golden honey brown. If left untreated, however, teak will lighten over time (i.e. patinate) into a beautiful silver grey finish. Teak's high concentration of impregnating oils helps to make it resistant to decay and water damage, making it an ideal material for garden furniture.

Modern outdoor materials

The fibre concrete version has a rustic masculine quality that gives it a bold appearance. This high tech material is made up of a blend of cement, fiberglass and quartz sand. The resulting form is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures and water than ordinary concrete. The dark charcoal gray will lighten over time, adding to the character of the piece. There are two sizes of the tables, and extension leaves can also be added to the ends to provide room for additional dinner guests.

The molded chair shells of the Ocean outdoor dining chairs are fashioned from molded ASA plastic. This type of polymer is highly resistant to ultraviolet sunlight, which enables it to retain its luster and color through long exposure to the sun. It also withstands drastic temperature fluctuations and maintains it flexibility, so it doesn't crack easily and provides a comfortable sitting area. These chairs are available in both black and white models.

Designer: Hans Thyge