Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles

European antique replicas from

The Jonathan Charles furniture collection was born of a tradition in English design and in the art of exquisite antique reproduction. Their designs cover a wide range of epochs and continents, but share a common quality - uncompromising excellence.

Seasoned craftsmanship using the finest materials

Jonathan Charles furniture is created by artisans with a breadth of skills and a passionate pride in their work. They employ age old techniques to shape high quality raw materials into lasting products with soul. They've developed expertise in bronze casting, hand carving and advanced marquetry to do justice to the timeworn practices of true craftsmen.

Meticulous attention to furniture design and production

Their inspirations arise from authentic antiques from across the globe, as well as from unique shapes, lines and textures of classic everyday items and images. When reproducing classic English pieces, Jonathan Charles goes to great lengths to recreate the magic and care inherent in well-made furniture throughout European history. Their in-house brass hardware foundry ensures that each lock, key, hinge and drawer pull has a one-of-a-kind look. Quality control inspectors monitor the materials, production process and packaging of each piece of furniture to guarantee the highest standards are met.