Go Home

Industrial style furniture and lighting with global vintage flair

The popular rustic furniture and lighting manufacturer Go Home was born out of decades of experience in the antique importing industry and an appreciation for the creature comforts of home. Over the years, the company has created an extensive line of vintage and industrial style tables, chairs and lighting that continues to expand. These timeless items incorporate metals and hand finishes to create unique durable works of functional art. The vast array of classically designed table lamps, pendant lights and even eclectic beaded chandeliers show the company's commitment to enhancing home decor beyond its signature case goods portfolio.

A family business

From the outset, family ties have been integral to the success of Go Home. Beginning with the founding patriarch Mark Weinstein, the company has benefitted from the contributions of the Weinstein family and continues to grow their design legacy.

Foreign design influences

Nothing broadens one’s perspective like traveling and Go Home owes its unique style to inspirations gained from abroad. Trips to Asia, Europe and South America in search of antiques, along with their own design acumen, have inspired the company’s eclectic collections and set it apart as a creative leader in the industry.

In the news

Vision for the future

Go Home has a mission to offer a sense of discovery. Exploring the world has helped to expand their vision of what is possible and to craft new products that become signature pieces for the home. As a result, they have created a magnificent array of handcrafted home furnishings, which are memorable and globally inspired.

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