Frederick Cooper

Frederick Cooper

Unique handcrafted lighting in an array of classic styles

Artistic table lamps and floor lamps

Frederic Cooper Artistic Table Lamp

In the 1920s, Frederick Cooper created lamps from his artistic expressions in sculpture and watercolor painting. The Chicago artist evolved his designs to match the innovation he was seeing in the iconic architecture of the times. The company continues his creative vision and uses distinctive materials such as glazed ceramic, painted porcelain, alabaster and even jade.

Timeless styles from designers across the globe

Their upscale lights are inspired by designs from the art deco, cubist and other memorable aesthetics. Many of their hand-painted lamp bases have a distinctly Asian flavor, while high profile designers have collaborated with Frederick Cooper on their lighting collections.

  • Larry Laslo
  • Mario Buatta
  • Alexander Julian
  • John Mascheroni
  • Joann Barwick

Lamps featured in high profile places around the globe

Frederick Cooper's heirloom quality lamps have luxurious fabric shades that complement the artisan caliber of the bases. This unparalleled excellence is recognized globally and has allowed their lighting to grace the rooms of the Whitehouse, international embassies, luxury spas and resorts across the world.