The finer points of interior design – from table lamps to accessories

When it comes to selecting the best design scheme for a room in your home, there is an almost limitless number of directions you can go depending on your personal tastes, home construction style and available space. While it might seem clear cut to decide you want a "traditional" or "contemporary" aesthetic, achieving this look in your house is often easier said than done. You might know what you want, but figuring out how to get it can be a challenge.

In order to tackle this problem, consider the inspiring advice of world-renowned American interior decorator and socialite Elsie de Wolfe. Wolfe famously said, "Good dressing is largely a question of details and accessories."

By this, she suggests tackling the little things in a room – such as table lamps, picture frames, pillows, area rugs and window dressings – as a means to affect the overall aesthetic of the space. A home is merely the sum of its parts, and through the possessions and décor accessories you accumulate over the years, you set the tone of your interior's design.

Of all the minor details, lighting is perhaps one of the most significant to an area's appeal. Even with the most beautiful furniture selections and color combinations, bad lighting can make your living room feel more like a stark warehouse than the warm social center of your domicile. Wood table lamps offer a timeless aesthetic versatile enough to work in both traditional and modern homes. In addition, they also provide functional lighting sources that can be used individually for specific tasks such as reading or doing a crossword or in combination with others to illuminate the entire space. You'll also find the colors and textures of your furniture and fabrics will come to life when cast in the appropriate light – bringing you closer to establishing your desired design.