Add character to your rooms with unique table lamps

Unique table lamps can provide light and define a room's style at the same time. A good fixture is one that draws attention and adds to the atmosphere. Before you invest in one, first determine the overall feel of the room. This can help you decide if you should opt for shabby chic lighting or dark industrial lighting.

Address functionality

Take a look around the room you're purchasing the table lamp for and figure out how many you'll need. Remember to take placement into consideration. A table lamp in a corner isn't going to provide enough illumination for the entire room. If you need more light, consider looking into an additional floor lamp. If you're looking to give the room just a little more light, a single table lamp may be all you need.

Maintain your style

If you're going to get more than one lamp, remember that the styles should be along the same lines. If you're investing in another to complement an existent fixture, limit yourself to models that complement it.
Table lamps can have simple bases with an interesting material or texture, or they can have a unique base that's incredibly ornate. Simplicity is a safe way to go, whereas complex requires more consideration. You want your new lighting fixture to help accentuate the room's style, not steal from it. If you're looking at an ornate piece, try to make sure that it's not the only intricate item in the room. If your other fixtures are more basic, consider looking at accent art pieces that can balance out your new lamp.

Have fun

Whether you're focused on functionality or form, don't opt for a simple everyday lamp that won't do anything for your room. Make an interesting choice that will satisfy both criteria.


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