A contemporary room needs a pop of modern flair like a modernist floor lamp

The terms modern and contemporary styles are often interchanged to describe interior design with minimalist detailing and streamlined décor. In context, modernism is a school of design, while the definition of contemporary is "of the present time," and the undying popularity of the modern style to this day creates the synonymy.

Of course, a contemporary style room in the home can't do without modern furniture and décor. Popular modernist silhouettes that include minimally embellished accent tables, as well as sleek yet practical décor like silver floor lamps have become staples in the contemporary world.

For a pop of modern flair in any room, a chic Arteriors Home Modernist Floor Lamp is the perfect addition that elicits a balance of form and function. The unique fish eye shape of the metal shade is truly a sight to behold and can easily complement any contemporary setting. At the same time, its swiveling functionality will allow the homeowners to easily use the light fixture in the space.