Your guide to mixing Mediterranean and industrial decor

Have you recently returned from an exotic trip to the Mediterranean? Or maybe you scored some regional finds at an estate sale. What are you planning on doing with your new home furnishings? Make them a part of your style by working them in with the rest of your industrial decor.

Learn how to create a Mediterranean feel


The Mediterranean has lots of artists that make unique pottery. It’s great to bring some of these pieces home to showcase the wealth of your travels. Unique vases and pottery are perfect for entryways. There isn’t much decor in this room, so the vase will be the focal point. These vases are often decorated with a range of warm hues like yellow, orange and red, so find a table that will complement the colors. A gold bar table, for example, would elevate the vase so it’s at eye level while being a supporting decor piece. Set an industrial chic lighting fixture over the table to illuminate the vase.


There is often lots of wood in Mediterranean decor. If you picked up a table like this from an estate sale or a overseas dealer, then you’ll want to make sure its intricate details are showcased in your living room. You’ll want to accent the furniture with a light hand. Maybe add a colorful bowl or bold table runner down the center.


Industrial-style homes are often filled with muted tones like gray and white. When you add Mediterranean decor accents you’ll want to celebrate the colors within each piece. You can do so by mimicking some of those tones on the wall. For example, bright blue is a hue that is often used in Mediterranean decor. Pick a wall to serve as your focal point and paint it the bold color.


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  • David Spender