Embracing the elements of a cottage style interior design

For amateur interior designers, sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate your own sense of style into a space or combine a series of decorative accents that may not go together. As a result, many homeowners ascribe to a specific design scheme to narrow down their choices and create a sense of uniformity in the space. One layout that always seems trendy is the cottage style, and there are a few important elements you should consider when using it in your living spaces.

What are some ways to create a cottage style?

Use a natural color scheme

When you're picking fabric, paint and other hues in your living spaces, it's best to think botanical. The cottage style exemplifies the merging between indoor and outdoor elements, so be sure to combine muted shades like light green, apricot or pink and them combine them with brighter colors like yellow or fuchsia to bring the room to life.

Furnishing finishes

Unlike a contemporary interior design that embraces sleek surfaces, you should consider incorporating a few matte furnishings and others that can reflect light. Finding a way for these surfaces to co-habitate in the space is all about how they're combined. For instance, using a weathered bucket as a planter on top of a streamlined coffee table could create the contrast you're looking for.

Embrace texture

No matter what color scheme or furnishings you choose for your cottage-themed room, texture is always an important element to consider. One example is to utilize textured throw pillows instead of various colors to give the room a streamlined look. Adding a textured rug, storage baskets and other small touches can all add to the overall texture of the space and can provide eye-catching visual interest that will never go out of style.


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