Bohemian rhapsody – giving your home that shabby chic appeal

Tired of playing by the traditional rules when it comes to interior design? Looking for an exciting and energetic way to spice up your home's tried-and-true aesthetic? You might want to think about giving your humble abode some bohemian flair to upgrade its wow factor. After all, the holidays are right around the corner, and before long, you'll have friends, neighbors and relatives traipsing through your house by the dozen.

But if you're working with a standing traditional design scheme, how do you redecorate without completely replacing everything you own? Well, here are a few home decor tricks to give your interior that bohemian, shabby chic appeal you've been looking for.

Mix and match
First off, you shouldn't hesitate to blend your old furniture with a few new bohemian pieces. The essence of the bohemian appeal is eclecticism, so having a traditional leather sofa positioned right next to a reclaimed wood shabby chic accent table is perfectly acceptable. In fact, the balance created between new and old will help your more unusual, vintage pieces pop in the design scheme.

Colorful patterns
As the name implies, shabby chic design involves a careful balance of opposites in order to create an attractive, welcoming home. To contrast the more subtle, downplayed furnishings and accents already in your home, you might want to think about introducing a few unexpectedly colorful patterns to keep things interesting. A pair of retro floral window dressings matched with a striped transitional area rug can create a sense of movement and excitement in an otherwise standard living room.

Sparse decor
While it's great to get creative and have fun with your bohemian design, it's important not to go overboard. Shabby chic is about finding new and original uses for retro pieces, and that appeal won't hit home if your place is overcrowded with odds and ends. Keeping things on the sparse side will help the furnishings and decorations you do select have a greater impact on the overall aesthetic.