Maintaining your outdoor fireplace

Now that it’s warm enough to blast the air conditioning, it’s time for homeowners to move their portable outdoor fireplace to the backyard. Bioethanol fireplaces are great for completing the look of a patio and toasting marshmallows on those cool, nostalgic summer nights. For those who frequently entertain family and friends, the light and warmth of the flickering flames will keep the festivities going well into the night. However, to keep this integral patio piece functioning and looking like new all summer long and for years to come, it’s important to regularly maintain it.

Maintaining your outdoor fireplace during the summer

The look of your outdoor fireplace is just as important as its ability to function. One way to protect your fireplace from the outdoor elements is to keep it covered or put it in a sheltered location when not in use. However, even if there’s no fire burning, it can serve as a nice center piece for your patio, meaning you might not want to cover it. The best solution then is to have a patio sheltered with an awning or an overhead trellis.

Fortunately, bioethanol fuel doesn’t produce much soot, making the maintenance process a breeze. However, after fueling a fire over several nights, the fixture may accumulate some soot or ashes on the sides. This will be more noticeable on glass fireplaces. Simply take a wet cloth and wipe down the inside of the fireplace to clean it. There are a number of cleaning products specific for ethanol fireplaces. But, stainless steel cleanser and a soft cloth will usually do the trick. Additionally, the burner should be cleaned once a month to keep the fireplace in proper working condition.

Choose the right fireplace

If it’s your first time owning an outdoor fireplace, you’ll want to select something that coordinates with the decor of your outdoor space. The fixture should integrate naturally into your backyard setting. Though most of the fireplaces are neutral black, brown and steel, they vary in shapes and sizes. A fire bowl is a small piece that carries a big impact, perfect for displaying on a large coffee table in your patio. For a spacious patio with a more industrial style setting, multiple-sized lighthouse fireplaces add rugged elegance.

Set it up for functionality

Once you have the perfect fireplace for your patio, set up your outdoor furniture to highlight this focal point. Line up chairs and couches along the sides of the area, creating an open lane of focus for the fireplace. Place the fixture in either the center or on the back wall so it’s the first thing visitors notice when they enter your backyard.

Also consider safety when arranging your patio. Spread out the outdoor furniture so people can move around the space without getting too close to the flames. Additionally, keep the fireplace out of extremely windy areas, and don’t put decor directly above the flames.

Get the most out of your outdoor setting by using these maintenance practices with your bioethanol fireplace.