Unique outdoor lighting ideas for summer parties

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your backyard party has to be moved indoors! With the proper outdoor lighting, you can create a stylish and functional space to allow your get-together to continue well into the night.

Traditionally fun lighting ideas

Stringed lights

Put those white stringed lights in storage to use in your backyard! Twist these lights around trees or hang them from a trellis to emit a soft, whimsical glow throughout your party.


There are a variety of lantern styles available to light up your party. Opt for industrial-looking lanterns that you can line the ground with, or hang colorful paper lanterns from trees. You can fill an old tin can with a candle and poke holes in the can to let the light shine throughout your space.

Hanging tea lights

One tea light may not make a big impact, but when you group lots of them together, they have a dramatic effect on your patio. Use colorful satin ribbon and bows to dangle tea lights from trees throughout your backyard.

Hula hoop chandelier

A chandelier is a great industrial chic lighting option to hang above a patio table or outdoor kitchen. But before you buy your own, try making one using a hula hoop, decorative ribbon and icicle lights.

Tiki torches

Light up your backyard by lining the area with Tiki torches. This will not only help ward off pesky bugs from your party, but also provide an island-like ambiance in your backyard.

Repurposed items for cool lighting

Mason jars

Fill a few mason jars with sand and a tealight candle, and either set them around your patio or hang them from tree branches with some twine.

Wine bottle torch

Don’t throw away that wine bottle just yet – it can be transformed into an industrial-style torch for your patio! All you need is some basic hardware, a wick and the perfect spot to put it.


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