3 ways to lay out your outdoor furniture

Patio spaces are good for more than just backyard barbecues. Nowadays, people are extending their home's square footage by moving outdoors for various types of entertaining purposes. In order to create a homey and inviting feeling outside, you must keep your living room design and layout in mind.

Three ways to lay out your outdoor furniture


For a cozy, conversational space you'll want to arrange your outdoor furniture close together. A tight grouping will ensure that all your guests are able to hear and participate in the conversation. Situate your contemporary outdoor furniture in a living room-style layout. For example, position your large two- and three-cushion sofas so they are facing each other. Place one of the styles of bioethanol fireplaces or a table in the middle. You can set comfy armchairs on either side to complete the look of the space.


If you like a space with more of an open floor plan, try setting up a cocktail bar and lounge area. Choose luxury outdoor furniture and place it in different sections in your patio space. Set up a small bistro area with a round table and two chairs, and place a chaise lounge next to your pool or fireplace. In this setup, your guests will be moving between the different zones as they mingle, so you'll want to make sure that your outdoor area has a complete design. For example, place oversized mirrors and industrial chic lighting on the walls so there are multiple points of interest.


Just as you would inside your home, you want to have a natural flow to the design of your outdoor space. If you have a large square footage you can have a conversational and cocktail setup that leads into your dining area. Add an outdoor rug to soften up the space and place your dining room set on top. Make sure there is intimate lighting and the outdoor room will be as inviting as your home.


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