3 tips for evaluating the lighting in your home

This spring, as you rehaul your home by cleaning, tossing old items and changing up the layout of your rooms, evaluate your lighting as well. Interior designers put lots of thought into their illumination choices and so should you as a homeowner. Here is an overview of the industrial lighting fixtures and other sources of natural light you need to know about to perform an audit on your home.

Lighting Suggestions

Learn about different types of light sources

As a homeowner, it's important to know the difference between three types of light sources: ambient, task and mood. General or ambient light provides an evenly dispersed illumination. Recessed, track, pendant and natural light all fall under this category. Another form of lighting you may be familiar with is task illumination, which is achieved with all types of table lamps even those that fall under the industrial group. Accent or mood lighting comes from dimmer switches or strategically placed lights in the corners of rooms.

Perform an audit

Take a walk through the different rooms in your home. Think about the quality of illumination of each space. Ask yourself if there is an ample amount of light in the day and evening hours. Sometimes you may need to draw your shades or change your drapes to let more light in, so play around with your linens.

Create a list

Jot down a list of all the industrial style lighting fixtures you have. If a room is inadequately lit then you may be able to move one light source to that space. It's best to evaluate what you do have before you purchase additional fixtures. Once this is done you can pick up new pieces. Remember industrial chic lighting is neutral and complements many interior design themes, so it's a good style option.


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