Three things to keep in mind about designing a chic, modern loft

While many people are suited to living in traditional or vintage homes out in the suburbs or countryside, those who live in the heart of the big city tend to favor more contemporary designs. If you’ve recently decided to move into a downtown loft (image by FORM Design Architecture), you might be in need of some advice about how to create a chic and swanky urban pad. Here are three simple tips to consider about city living.

Clean and simple

When it comes to downtown design musts, keeping the overall aesthetic clean and simple is a priority. Modern style is dependent on making a big impact with small details, which means you don’t want furnishings with elaborate or complicated constructions. Instead, consider a one-piece contemporary love seat paired with a single armchair to make a subtle yet attractive statement in your living room.

Metallic accents

While wood is certainly a factor in modern lofts, you don’t want to forget about making metallic accents a big part of your design scheme. One of the best ways to go about this is by relying on industrial lighting fixtures to balance any wood furnishings or flooring you have in the space. Consider using modern silver pendant lights over a dining room table or kitchen island to create a striking focal point in the room.

Lots of glass

Like metal, glass should have a starring role in your downtown loft. A row of large panel windows can create the simple modern aesthetic you’re looking for in your home while also replacing a solid wall. You can use oversized mirrors throughout your home to create a sense of enhanced space and openness.