Simple ways to go chic on your patio

Your patio is an extension of your home, so it should look just as elegant and stylish as the rest of your dwelling. If you want to achieve a chic aesthetic in your backyard, here are a few simple ideas to help you implement the theme.

Blend black and white

Colors are beautiful for your outdoor space, but you can’t get a more elegant or classic color palette than black and white. Opt for crisp white furniture with cozy black cushions or use a decorative black-and-white area rug underneath the dining table. Try to balance out the colors for a coordinated look.

Opt for industrial chic lighting

Set the mood for refinement in your patio with the right lighting. Industrial chic lighting, like wrought-iron pendants, can bring a rustic charm to the space while offering a glow to warm up your patio.

Choose furniture with clean lines

When selecting the chairs and tables, make sure to opt for pieces that are simple. They should have clean lines with minimal detailing to produce a sleek and stylish patio.

Decorate with plants

Achieving a chic style on your patio doesn’t require expensive decor. Instead, fill the space with plenty of greenery and bright flowers for a pop of color. Place the plants on side tables or display hanging plants from your pergola. You can also pick your favorite fresh-cut flowers from your backyard and store them in a simple vase for a stunning dinner table centerpiece.

Use prints

Add some personality to your chic patio with prints. Opt for graphic printed pillows on your outdoor sofa, or use a decorative cloth on your patio’s dining table for the perfect backdrop. Make sure that the prints you choose complement the rest of the colors throughout your space.


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