Outdoor shower ideas

Your indoor bathroom isn’t the only place for a shower. In order to maximize on function and beauty in your backyard, you might want to think about adding a second outdoor shower. A shower is great if you have a pool on your patio – you and your guests can rinse off after a dip in the water before you head inside. Whether you would like a quaint garden shower or a minimalist shower, here are a few design ideas to consider when choosing an outdoor bathing space:

Aesthetics and mood

Blend your shower with the landscape

If you want to keep a natural-focused vibe going in your backyard, opt for a stone wall shower. Surround the stone material with plenty of greenery and flowers to create a beautiful focal point that blends right into your garden.

Add lighting

Nobody wants to shower in the dark. Keep your outdoor space stylish and well-lit with chic industrial lighting. Hang wrought iron lanterns on the surrounding wall to illuminate your shower when the sun goes down.

Offer a spot to relax

Add a wooden bench in your shower where you can unwind while you enjoy the fresh air.

Functional considerations

Install stone flooring

Instead of showering while standing on a patch of muddy grass, consider installing modern stepping stones that lead right to your shower space and back to the patio.

Consider two faucets

After you’ve been walking around barefoot or playing in the pool, you’re going to need a convenient area to wash the dirt off of your feet. A second faucet would come in handy in your outdoor shower. Place it down low so that it’s easy to rinse off feet before heading into the house.

Add a tub

If space allows, consider adding a soaking tub near your shower. This can be used purely for relaxation purposes. Much like the shower, it should be located in a private corner of your backyard.


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