Mastering the nautical style in your home

There’s something so relaxing and serene about living near the water. The good news is, even if you don’t have a house on the coast, you can still dress up your dwelling to channel a nautical style.

Use a nautical color palette

Keep your home on-theme with a navy blue and white color palette. These shades are automatically associated with seaside living. You can, however, introduce other bright hues to break up the color palette. Consider a vibrant coral, subdued sea foam green or bright red to complement your navy and white palette. Incorporate these shades sparingly using pillows, rugs and other subtle accessories.


If you’re not big on vibrant hues, an all-white color palette will also work for a nautical home design. The crisp shade brings the freshness, simplicity and serene environment of the beach right into your home. Create visual interest using a variety of textures and shades of white. Warm up your white home with industrial style lighting and weathered wood floors.

Decorate with beachy knick knacks

Fill bookshelves, fireplace mantels or open shelving with fun beach-themed accessories like driftwood, seashells and sea glass. The different textures will create depth and dimension in your home. Your coffee table is another great place to store these items – show off your collection of seashells by displaying them on a tray on your table.

Infuse your home with ocean scents

Trick all of your senses into thinking that you’re at the beach by placing candles throughout your home. Look for tropical scents like fresh breeze, lime or coconut – whatever reminds you of the beach!

Jazz up your home with stripes

Striped patterns can help give some nautical personality to your home. Paint your walls with bold navy blue and white stripes or opt for a thin pinstriped rug. When you do decorate with stripes, however, think about whether you want the stripes to run vertically or horizontally. Vertical stripes can draw the eye up while horizontal stripes elongate your walls.


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