5 simple ways to warm up your home for the holidays

When the temperatures outside are near freezing, there’s nothing better than coming inside to a crackling fire and some cozy wool blankets on the couch. Warmth doesn’t just come from your fireplace, however. Create a comfortable winter home with any of these snug decorating ideas:

Add plaid

Certain patterns lend themselves to different times of year. Florals, for instance, are perfect for spring and summer. During winter, however, plaid is the pattern to rely on. Toss a few plaid throw blankets on your couch for some added warmth and a pop of color. You can also incorporate the pattern using pillows, area rugs and tablecloths.

Decorate with white lights

Create a cozy display on your fireplace using some white stringed lights. Wrap the lights around a strand of garland, and drape the greenery on your fireplace mantel. This will help draw all eyes to the fire and produce an instant focal point. Dim the rest of the lights in the room to help your display stand out even more.

Rearrange your furniture

Indoor fireplaces aren’t used frequently during spring and summer, but once winter rolls around, they’re used a whole lot more to warm up the home. If you haven’t already, rearrange your furniture so that everything is facing the fireplace. This way, you and your holiday guests can gather around the fire, reminiscing around the crackling flames.

Light a holiday candle

A scent can inspire holiday memories just as much as a photo. Light a holiday-inspired candle, like apple cinnamon, pine, gingerbread or peppermint, to truly set the mood for the holiday season.

Place carpet runners

Tile and stone look lovely in the home, but their chilly temperatures can be quite uncomfortable in the winter. Lie down a few carpet runners or area rugs to keep your feet warm throughout the winter season.