5 ideas for decorating your fireplace for summer

You never really think of indoor fireplaces as a summer accessory, but when they’re dressed up in the right way, they can be! Here are a few ideas to give your fireplace a fresh summer feel:

Brighten up the area

The decor you have around your fireplace can set the tone for the rest of the room. Take down any spring or fall decorations, and hang ornate mirrors above the fireplace. This will help bounce light around the room, creating a fresh, airy ambiance that’s perfect for summer.

Paint it

A shade of paint can completely transform your fireplace from winter to summer. Opt for a creamy white shade to paint over the stone or brick to give this area of your home a crisp touch.

Add summer flowers

Take some of the bright, summer flowers from your backyard garden and bring them into your home. You can arrange vases of various sizes for a colorful focal point on your mantel.

Replace logs

Old logs don’t have to sit in your fireplace all summer. Instead, swap them out for something else, like stacks of books, colorful vases or candles (image from Something Gorgeous).

Cover it up

You can cover up your fireplace entirely by placing two brightly colored chairs in front of it. This will provide extra seating for your summer guests.