4 living room makeover tips

There are so many simple ways to make over your living room. Sometimes all you have to do is move around your furniture, and in other cases you may need to bring in a new piece or two.

Tips to give your living room a simple yet stylish makeover

Move furniture

Sometimes an ill-placed furniture arrangement can make your living room lack style points. Combat the problem by moving around your key pieces. For example, people often place their sofa, TV and coffee table too far apart. Bring everything in close together to create a cozy space. Additionally, you'll want to add ​a contemporary rug​ to achieve the same end goal.

Add lighting

Industrial chic lighting can make all the difference in your living room. Place it in strategic places in the room to achieve an intimate glow. For example, add a floor lamp to the wall opposite the entryway. Next to it you can place an armchair and small end table for a reading nook. Or you can add track lighting along the perimeter of the room. However, install some wall sconces near your mantel or close to framed pictures to highlight the wall feature.

Hang wall art

Wall art can instantly give your living room a new feel. For a dramatic effect, place one large painting on one wall for a statement look. You can accent it with wall sconces that also illuminate the artwork.

Incorporate color

Color should be worked into a room's interior design for many reasons. First, if helps give neutral colors more dimension, and second, bright hues give people energy. So consider painting a wall red in your house or purchasing a colorful chair or table.


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