3 tips to illuminate art effectively in your home

Artwork is a great investment anyone can make in their home. It adds an extra sense of personality and individualistic value to any space. For wall art, sculptures and other artistic mediums to be fully appreciated, they need to be well lit.

Three tips to successfully illuminate art


First, you need to have the right light bulbs. Different types will result in varied coloring on your artwork. Halogen bulbs cast a pure white light. In result, it's often used for this purpose. Incandescent bulbs are suitable for creative mediums with yellow and red hues because it brings out those tones. Additionally, it can cast a flattering light on artwork in which green and blue incorporated. So whether you choose industrial lighting or a more vintage lamp, be sure the right bulb is placed inside.


You want to make sure that your lighting solutions are placed so as to avoid any heat damage. Try using lamps with shades, like some vintage industrial lighting units. Bulbs without coverings need to be far enough away, so they won't cause damage. Additionally, do not place the lamp directly under the artwork because illuminating the subject head-on may degrade the look of the painting or photo over time. A good measure is to place your hand between the light source and the frame, if you can feel the heat, this intensity may damage some works of art, like oil paintings.


Ceiling lights with adjustable fixtures are among the most popular ways to illuminate artwork. This is because you can manipulate the direction the bulb is facing. However, you can also place lamps with shabby chic lighting on a nearby shelf or end table to offer various light sources.


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