3 steps to creating a comfy reading nook

Reading nooks are a great feature in a home, and they're easy to create if you have a bay window or other small corner in your house. Not everyone has a ready-made reading nook, but the good news is that you can make it yourself. Here is how to do it:

Place furniture

First start with the right seating selection. Benches are great because they can fit more than one person. Opt for one covered in fabric or a model with wood features. If you choose to set up your reading nook outdoors, be sure to purchase weather-resistant furniture, like a wood bench. Also, you can select a large armchair or a chaise lounge. If you have limited space, the chair is the best option. However, if you have room to spare, go all out with the ultimate relaxing piece of furniture, the chaise lounge.

Select lighting

It's important to read with ample light sources. There are a variety of industrial chic lighting options from which to choose. Select from a range of table lamps, wall sconces and pendant lamps. Additionally, floor lamps are a great option because they provide a spotlight for your reading needs.

Add accessories

Soften up your reading nook with linens and pillows. If you have a window, add drapes in a soft, muted color like gray or a pale blue, because a bright hue might disrupt your relaxation. If you chose a bench for your seating, you can make the space extra comfy with throw pillows. It's also a good idea to set up a shelf as well. You can opt for one that installs on the wall or add a standalone unit. Then you can house all your books and magazines nearby. You can also choose from a range of bioethanol fireplaces to add warmth to the space.


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