3 steps to a cozy patio

Your patio may be located in the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean the space can’t evoke warmth and comfort. You want this to be a space both you and your guests gravitate to for relaxation, serenity and contentment. Here are a few ways to cozy it up:

Install an outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces instantly warm up a patio and transform it into a cozy space. A fireplace is the perfect accessory because it creates a focal point in your outdoor space, giving guests a place to gather when it starts to get chilly. Arrange the patio furniture around the fireplace and have plenty of blankets and pillows you can pull out of storage for those brisk summer nights.

Add a pergola

Pergolas allow plenty of sunshine and fresh air to enter your patio while still offering some privacy for you and your guests. You can hang tiny lanterns or lush outdoor plants from your pergola for a charming, inviting outdoor area.

Choose a cozy color scheme

Color can instantly set the mood for an intimate ambiance. Opt for rich, warm color combinations throughout your space such as deep red and khaki, rusty orange and peach, or earthy browns and aqua. Bring these hues in your patio using outdoor furniture, area rugs or light fixtures.


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