3 expert master bedroom lighting tips

When many homeowners consider how to expertly light their home, they think about style and placement. However, you shouldn't forget about function. If you keep all these things in mind, you'll have a perfectly lit master bedroom.

Ways to add the right touch of illumination to your master bedroom

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is mostly used for function. You'll turn these switches on when you want to illuminate the entire room. So a chandelier in the center of your room and track lighting toward the perimeter is all you need to have a thoroughly lit room. However, keep style in mind. Industrial chic lighting comes in many shapes, finishes and colors to help you incorporate your personal aesthetic. Look for urban-chic fixtures if you have a loft space. Additionally, a streamlined pendant lamp can be a great alternative to an ornate chandelier.

Task lighting

If you like to unwind in bed with a book or magazine before you head to sleep, you should have an easy-to-reach light source that supports that. So install industrial style lighting sconces right next to your bed. Place one on either side of your bed right above your end tables. This frees up lots of space for you to place an alarm clock and your reading materials.

Spot lighting

Spot lighting is a fun fixture option if you want to highlight something in your room. For example, artwork often has its own source of illumination. However, you don't want the light's beams to shine directly on the framed picture because over time it might cause it to fade. Spot lighting can also be placed near ornate drapery. Shining the overhead fixture – stemming from track lighting – on your curtains will help show off its curves and other decorative features.


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