3 decorating dilemmas to overcome

Decorating dilemmas arise from time to time. Usually it takes some creativity to work toward a solution. When you're faced with a decor problem of your own, think outside the box to find an answer. Interior designers often see the same problems over and over again. Here are a few of those common issues and how to overcome them:

How to properly light a room

If you are designing a room without overhead lighting you may be confused as how to illuminate it in the best way. You can always install track lamps. Many are industrial style lighting fixtures so your home can have a streamlined look. Install those sources around the perimeter of the room and bring in table or floor lamps for more intimate lighting. Don't forget about bioethanol fireplaces – they can add another touch of light and warmth to the room.

What angle to place your bed

Interior designers will tell you to choose the simplest option when deciding where to place your furniture. For standard bedrooms that have a square shape, you'll want to set the headboard against a wall. However, this won't work if the window is off-center. Ideally, with the natural light source directly in the middle of the wall, you can slide your bed in front of it. However, you may have to position your frame in a corner or at an angle it if the window is off to the side of the room.

How to work color into the kitchen

Homeowners often wonder how to warm up their kitchens. One of the easiest ways is to add color to the walls. It is a temporary design fix that you can change with the seasons or your mood.


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