Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re bored with how your kitchen looks, has a few ideas that you can adopt to spruce it up.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Change the room’s style

Sometimes, you can alter the entire style of a kitchen by making a few simple changes to the walls, cabinets, furniture or accents.

English Country – create pastoral appeal

This interior design style is very traditional and evokes images of the English countryside. It’s usually characterized by grey color, bricks and wooden accents. Use vases of flowers (especially roses) to brighten the neutral palette. You can also display vintage bread boxes and wooden cutting boards.

Tropical – take a bold step

A tropical theme incorporates bright and vivid colors to make your kitchen look fun and inviting. To achieve this look, use a botanical print and pair it with simple woodgrain drawers and cabinets. You can also use tropical-themed wallpaper with bamboo or palm trees. Furniture made of thick bamboo, wooden bowls and wicker baskets help reinforce this exotic aesthetic.

Hacienda – add a little Latin flavor

If you’ve ever watched a telenovela, you know that they usually take place in Spanish-inspired ranches known as haciendas. This popular style has been adopted by many interior designers in urban settings too. You can achieve this dramatic look by installing removable wallpaper adorned with colorful mosaic tiles. The shelves of these kitchens often feature antique items and the rooms tend to have decorative Mexican accents, such as pottery and bold patterned rugs, blankets and tapestries.

Modern – make it sleek and stylish

Modern designs are associated with clean lines and bright or monochromatic color palettes. One of the easiest ways to add a modern touch to your kitchen is with subway tiles. There are many affordable wallpapers that mimic tiling and are easy to install. You might also opt for gray tiles as a contemporary contrast to the typically white furniture in the room.

French vineyard – bring the outdoors inside

There’s something romantic and charming about a vineyard. The rolling hills and grape vines have a pastoral look that make you feel nostalgic and cozy at the same time. Fortunately, you can create this look fairly easily by adding a decorative mural to your kitchen walls. Adding a vineyard theme turns your ordinary kitchen into a weekend getaway to the French wine country. Dark stained wooden cabinets, copper pots and range hoods are also great ways to reinforce this rural style.

Textured Wall

Texturize the kitchen

Changing the visual look of your kitchen only addresses one of the five senses. You can create excitement for your sense of touch by changing the feel of the surfaces in the room.

Add ceramic, wood and stone surfaces to the walls

When people add texture to a room, they typically do it by changing the surface of the floor with new tiling, hardwoods or rugs. These can be costly options and not very original. An inexpensive and unique idea is to apply wallpaper that mimics some of your favorite tiles, wood paneling and stones. There are a wide variety of options, which enable you to complement the floor, furniture or even the architecture of your kitchen. Because wallpaper is so affordable, you can change out the look of your room every few years without breaking the bank.

Change the color palette of your kitchen

If you don’t want to make a huge investment in new kitchen cabinets, appliances or lighting fixtures, changing the color scheme of the room is one possible alternative.

Give the kitchen a neutral makeover

This design aesthetic is subtle and affordable. A neutral color palette can complement virtually any interior design style, so you don’t have to refurnish your kitchen – saving you a lot of money. Paint the cabinets white and add inexpensive black drawer and door pulls for a classic look. You can also a grey backsplash or faux wall tiling to provide a neutral backdrop for more vibrant dinnerware or accents.

Vintage Kitchen

Give your kitchen a more vintage look

Sometimes, refreshing the look of a room means making it look a little older.

Antique the kitchen

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can achieve a vintage antique look by weathering the surface of wooden cabinetry. Thinning the finish creates an aged rustic appearance, while irregular sanding of painted surfaces is a great way to get the shabby chic look. Flea markets are ideal places to buy actual antique metal, marble or ceramic drawer pulls. You can also find stylish vintage flower vases at reasonable prices. DIY solutions save money, but take the time to research the proper way to do things before starting anything.

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