Recreating the quintessential Nantucket retreat with the right floor lamps

When someone mentions the term "Nantucket interior design," it's almost certain that a home with bright, fresh colors and nautical accents come to mind. With a relaxed yet elegant air to the theme, homeowners are finding the trend to be the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the growing Nantucket trend can be attributed to the expansion of the island's transportation options about 20 years ago. Today, homeowners all across the country are looking to recreate the same easy-breezy aesthetic found in many homes on the island.

Other than the use of airy colors like whites and seafoam greens paired with grounded hues like navy blue, the Nantucket style can also be characterized by its use of distressed furniture and weather finishes. And for that nautical touch, accent pieces like a Maritime styled Floor Lamp from Authentic Models can be used. Besides being a beautiful accessory, the floor lamp is also a functional addition to any room.