Creating a cozy basement bedroom

Whether you're simply looking to create a general purpose guestroom (above from Archzine), make space for a relative who is moving in or give your teenage child a fresh new bedroom, transforming your home's basement into a living space is a great way to open up your house's potential. However, the average basement also comes with specific decorative challenges that you'll need to overcome to create a warm and comfortable aesthetic for the occupant. Here are some basement bedroom design tips to consider as you get started.

Emphasis on light
Many basements have limited natural light available – perhaps only a single egress window – so you'll need to compensate with lighting fixtures. While the ceiling might be too low for any hanging pendant lights, you can rely on vintage floor lamps to combat the darkness of the basement. Consider placing two versatile table lamps on the bed's flanks to create a friendly atmosphere when reading or watching TV before bedtime.

Wall colors
In addition to the warmth created by the basement bedroom's lighting fixtures, it helps to pick the right wall color scheme as a cozy and inviting visual complement. It's generally best to avoid darker hues such as dark blue or brown, which can soak up light, and stick with lighter, more vibrant tones such as yellow, white, light blue or cream.

Warm air rises, which means that the basement is typically the coldest room in any home. While this might be great for the summer months, you'll want to investigate any possible leaks where heat can escape to keep the bedroom warm in the winter. Putting down soft floor coverings or carpeting can also help trap warmth indoors.